The Oil Mill is the first real responsibility that our father has given us. When I was in my last year of high school I was already interested in understanding how Extra Virgin Olive Oil was produced, therefore, during the pressing period, I spent hours in the oil mill. But as you can imagine at that age it was just a beautiful hobby. When growing up I understood the importance of doing a job capable of binding you so intimately to the earth and the rhythms of nature, making oil has become a true profession and an authentic passion. My name is Fanny Nigi and together with my brother Giovanni Nigi, I manage the Oil Mill Fattoria del Biancheto, nestled in the woods of Cetona (in the province of Siena) a few steps from the Val d’Orcia territory.

Here we produce two lines of high quality extra virgin olive oil. Every year we try to improve our product to obtain the highest quality levels.

We firmly believe that the primary duty of an olive grower is to safeguard the environment in which he lives and produces. For this reason, ours is a prudent and respectful agricultural management.